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Obituary for Adam A Markevitch

Adam Markevitch, 44, born in Brooklyn, NY on March 23rd, 1979, was sadly taken away from us on October 13th, 2023. Adam leaves behind his family, his friends and everyone that was lucky enough to know him and his bright soul.
Adam was a special, free spirit, who was always willing to learn. He had a buoyant character and his own unique, multifaceted way of thinking. He was unwaveringly loyal, extraordinarily charismatic, and loved by all.
Over the course of his life, Adam developed many interests, though none seemingly as great as his love for automobiles. He frequently studied to develop his knowledge and always seemed to be in a constant state of disassembling and reassembling cars. From delivering papers, to working in delis, to laying flooring like others in his family, Adam appeared incredibly skilled in whatever he set his mind to.
While Adam was unquestionably an integral part of the Markevitch Family, throughout this life, he became an integral part of other families too. Adam’s second family was that of his best friend, John Durso. Much like Adam welcomed the Durso Family as if they were part of his own, The Durso Family welcomed Adam as part of their own, showcasing just how truly endearing and lovable Adam was. Likewise to the Durso Family, Adam eventually became an integral part of another - the Zahralban Family - the family of his lifelong love, Samantha Zahralban. Adam brought his heart and his love to each member of the Zahralban Family, and it was undoubtedly reciprocated.
Adam’s life was one loved by many. His contagious smile and magnetic energy will be cherished and remembered by all that knew him.